The Fun Club

Each Month You Get New Holiday, Party, & Family Fun Printables So You Can Make More Memories!


  • July Holiday Coloring Calendar
  • 4th of July Banner
  • 4th of July Bingo and word game
  • 4th of July coloring pages
  • Family Road Trip Question game
  • Pioneer Day Treasure Hunt, Banner & Frameable Art
  • Festive recipes
  • Access to all the Fun Club Freebies

How would it feel if:

  • You didn't have to spend hours on Pinterest to find easy ideas for holidays?
  • You could celebrate holidays simpler (meaning = less stress?)
  • You could create special, little magical moments with your children (without having to come up those ideas?)
  • You got fresh new holiday printables, gift tags, and more each month?
  • You got a cute coloring calendar with the big & small holidays (like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day) printed right on so you never forgot one?

Good news! The SF! Fun Club will give you time-saving tips, resources, and fun and simple ideas to create happy holidays with your family!

As a busy mom of 4, I know what it's like to feel like your days are only full of laundry, dishes, and diapers. But I also know that simple celebrations become the BIG memories later on.

That's why I created the SF! Fun Club!

  • Because you want to be the fun mom.
  • Because you want to create magical moments, but don't have the time or energy to execute those ideas.
  • Because you want your home to be a place where you laugh and celebrate life.


  1. For just $5/month, you'll get new content and printables to help celebrate the big and small things each month.
  2. New content is posted on the 25th of every month. You can access and print that month's goodies for the entire month, until the 25th of the next month when the new content is uploaded.
  3. Bonus content for year-round celebrations is available every month.
  4. You get to take all the credit of being the fun mom. :)


The content varies each month depending on the holidays that month, but generally, expect to have access to:

  • Printable coloring holiday calendar with big and small holidays printed right on. Like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day...yeah, now you'll never miss it! Each of your kids can color and customize their calendar and have random holidays to look forward to!
  • Tried-and-true holiday/seasonal recipes
  • Party decorations
  • Gift tags
  • Game, craft, or activity for classroom parties or fun at home
  • Toddler-approved holiday fun
  • DIY decor and inexpensive decoration ideas to make your home festive
  • Plus BONUS year-round content for birthdays, gift tags, etc.


There is no minimum commitment. You can start and stop as you please. You'll just need to cancel your membership before the next billing cycle.


Check out the FAQ below for more specific details!

Your Instructor

Melissa Sunday
Melissa Sunday

Hey there! I'm Melissa. I love celebrating holidays big and small. I'm here to make holiday celebrations meaningful and magical...without the stress! Let's put SIMPLE back into celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the content?
You have access to the content as long as you are a paying member.
What if I am unhappy with the Fun Club?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Can I share these files with my friends?
No, these files are exclusive to Fun Club members. Thanks for your honesty!
When do I get the new content each month?
New content is posted on the 25th of each month. For example, all of the content for June will be posted on May 25th. This gives you plenty of time to print calendars and get excited for the month to start!
Is there a minimum commitment?
No. You can start and stop your membership at any time. However, you will only have access to the content as long as you're subscribed.
Will each month's content stay on forever?
To keep it fair for all members (no matter when you join), the monthly content will only be available during that month. The exception is for the BONUS content that is available year-round.
Is there a way to get access to previous content?
Yes! If you missed a month but still want the fun holiday kit, you can purchase individual files at Shop.SoFestive.com. If you love a good deal, just know that the Fun Club is the best bang for your buck because you get tons of content for just $5!

This course is closed for enrollment.